This sal­ad is one of my favorites to start a meal. The pow­er­ful taste of cel­ery match­es per­fect­ly parme­san and wal­nuts. Make sure you are using wal­nuts in shell, they do taste so much bet­ter that the shelled ones.

Time: 5 min

two ten­der cel­ery hearts with leaves,
3 table spoons chunk parme­san
a hand­ful wal­nuts
some drops of lemon juice
extra vir­gin olive oil, salt and pep­per

  1. Chop the cel­ery in think slices and include the ten­der leaves.
  2. Mix with the wal­nuts and toss with olive oil, some drops of lemon juice, salt and pep­per. Add the chunk parme­san at the end and serve imme­di­ate­ly.

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