Polpet­tone is the clas­sic Ital­ian meat­loaf of the Tus­can tra­di­tion. There are many ver­sions of it — baked in the oven, in the pot or boiled. This ver­sion comes from my mum, who per­fect­ed the recipe in the years. It is very impor­tant that you let it cool down with a weigh on it to avoid that it breaks when you cut. It is excel­lent when eat­en cold, with some veg­eta­bles or a fresh sal­ad and a home made may­on­naise. You can also pre­pare amaz­ing sand­wich­es with it (a lice of polpet­tone, a leaf of let­tuce and some may­on­naise). The dos­es of this recipe make about 26 thin slices. If you are not going to eat the whole meat­loaf in the first two days you can cut it in slices and freeze it.

Time: 20 min­utes prepa­ra­tion | 1,5 hours cook­ing time | at least 1 hour cool­ing down

Spe­cial uten­sils

a fine clean gauze, one that has not been washed with soap
a weight (a very heavy dic­tio­nary will do)
kitchen thread


400 g minced meat (I like to use beef and turkey)
100 g mor­tadel­la
100 g cooked ham
50 g grat­ed parme­san cheese
1 egg
100 g stale bread soaked in milk
1 onion, 1 car­rot, 1 cel­ery stalk
salt, pep­per

  1. Put 2 liters of water to boil with the car­rot, the onion and the cel­ery stalk.
  2. Squeeze and drain the bread and put it in a mix­er with the mor­tadel­la and the ham. Mix every­thing.
  3. Put this mix­ture in a bowl and add parme­san, meat, the egg, salt and pep­per. Mix every­thing with your hands.
  4. Form a meat loaf and press it well with your hands to take all air out.
  5. Wrap it in the gauze and bind it with the thread.
  6. When the water boils, place the meat­loaf in the pot and let it boil gen­tle with a lid for about one and a half hour.
  7. Drain the meat loaf, cov­er with a sheet of alu­mini­um foil and place a heavy weight on top of it. Let it cool down for at least one hour the slice it.






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