When you are home alone, you had a hard day and and you don’t feel like cook­ing there is noth­ing like a fried egg. This one is a bit spe­cial and was invent­ed by Flo­ren­tine cook Fabio Pic­chi, an ambas­sador of sim­ple tra­di­tion­al food made with excel­lent ingre­di­ents.

Time: 5 min­utes


1 egg
some parme­san flakes
salt and pep­per
extra vir­gin olive oil and/or but­ter, whichev­er you pre­fer
good bread
good wine

Melt a lit­tle but­ter on a pan or warm up a lit­tle oil over medi­um heat. If you like, you can use both. Fry the egg till the white is set and the yolk is done to your lik­ing. Trans­fer onto a plate and sea­son with salt, pep­per, some nut­meg and parme­san flakes. Eat imme­di­ate­ly with bread and, pos­si­bly, a glass of good wine.


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