Fried zuc­chi­ni blos­soms are a best of the Ital­ian sum­mer recipes. I like when the bat­ter is with­out egg and the result is crispy and light like a Japan­ese tem­pu­ra. They make a real­ly great aper­i­ti­vo.

Time: 20 min

Ingre­di­ents (4 peo­ple, 3 flow­ers each)

12 zuc­chi­ni blos­soms
150 g flour type 00, sift­ed
100–120 ml very cold sparkling water
sun­seed oil to fry


1. Wash the flow­ers, remove the pis­tils and dry very well.

2. Sift the flour; in a bowl mix it with the water until it has a creamy tex­ture. Adjust adding water or flour in case you feel it’s too liq­uid or too dense.

3. Pre­heat the oil in a (prefer­ably iron) pan. You should have at least three cm oil to fry.

4. Soak the flow­ers in the bat­ter one by one, let the bat­ter drain and then deep fry them for about 2 min­utes until crispy.

5. Lay them on a tray with kitchen paper just for a few moments till dry, add some salt and serve imme­di­ate­ly.